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What’s your name and where do you come from? We are Lisa from Germany and Miho from Japan Is it your first visit? Lisa: For me it is not the first time. Today I'm here with my Japanese friends. What exhibitions are you planning to visit? Miho: We are interested in the Astronomy and the Kids’Kingdom sections. Is there a museum like the Deutsches Museum in Japan? Miho: Yes, there is the Science Museum of Tokyo. Would you like to come back? Miho: Yes, we would like to come back because the museum is very big. Interview by Annalisa Arcella read more about our interviews:
Those living in Munich spend their vacations at Lake Garda, in the Alps, on a cultural tour through Asia or at the beach. In turn, people from all over the World travel to Munich. Many of them visit the Deutsches Museum. In our exhibitions, a tour group from Yokohama might meet a family from Brindisi, while a group of students from Oslo might stand next to a company delegation from Moscow while the two groups are watching the popular high-voltage demonstration with Faraday's cage. This wonderful blend of nationalities makes those of us museum employees who are staying at home want to travel abroad, and it also makes us curious to find out more about our international visitors.
At our offices, we also have colleagues from foreign countries. Annalisa from Italy is currently working at the communication department. She has agreed to interview our visitors from abroad during their visit to the museum this summer.



Immer wieder schreiben Gäste im Blog - Informationen zu diesen Autorinnen und Autoren finden sich im jeweiligen Beitrag. Als Gastblogger schrieben in letzter Zeit: <link 12873 - internal-link-new-window "Opens internal link in new window">Jutta Schlögl</link> war als Physik-Ingenieurin im Bereich Technische Entwicklung tätig und ist seit 2007 wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin des Deutschen Museums. Sie leitet das Projekt Experimentier-Werkstatt.Dorothea Föcking ist Hamburger Abiturientin und macht ein zweimonatiges Praktikum im Vorbereitungsteam der Sonderausstellung "Anthropozän". Ihr Tipp für einen Besuch im Deutschen Museum: Bei einem Museumsbesuch sollte man unbedingt Halt in der <link 81 - more>Pharmazie-Ausstellung</link> machen, um in das Innere der riesigen, gemütlichen Zellnachbildung zu schauen.